Teachers Day Wishes – a tribute to all teachers in my life

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5th September – birthday of Dr S Radhakrishnan (2nd President of India) is celebrated as Teachers Day in India. Sincere pranams to all teachers. I consider myself as blessed to have many eminent teachers within my family and close friends circle. Presenting them here. If you know them, welcome to write a thank you note to them.

In this photo are:

First line from left to right:

Late Komalavalli teacher, National High School Irinjalakuda, my father’s elder brothers wife. Very affectionate to all of us.

Late Vijayalakshmi Menon, teacher Oxford School Bangalore, Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi, my mother in law, if you ask me who was one person who read me best, I will name her. And if I tell you, who took her emotions, actions an attitude the best, it was me! I consider myself to be the luckiest person in the world, when I was able to be with her during the last 7 days of her life in this world!

Late Ashtamichira P A Narayana Menon, Head Master, Ashtamichira school, an eminent educationist, who gave his land to build the school, my wife’s grand father.

Late Korambu Subramanian Nampoothiri, Priest Peruvanam Temple, and a visionary Mridangam teacher, who conceived the concept of Mridanga Meala, he was my mridangam master, who, during those days, walked 14 kms to come to our home and teach Mridangam to me and other students. The basis of my love for Music is indebted to him.

2nd line from left to right

Radha Teacher – as everyone calls her affectionately – National High School Irinjalakuda, my father’s elder sister, a task master and strict disciplinarian, with lots of love for students as well as family members.

Kallyanikutty Teacher – Thankamani teacher – CNN Boys High School Cherpu – my mother, who used to travel changing 3 buses to go to her school to teach. I remember those days during strikes, she used to walk about 14 kms to reach home!. Never ever came home empty handed during any festival, bringing gifts to all of us, including all the relatives. Affection personified.

Devi Teacher – Teacher LBSMHS Avittathur – my father’s younger sister, an adorable person with lots of love for family and students, always leave her mark with her polished interactions. Incidentally, my late mother in law and her used to be roommates in the college hostel during their days!.

Geetha Teacher – Teacher National High School Irinjalakuda, my all time favorite, from our childhood days had a very close bond with her and by gods grace it remains like that and forever.

Shyam Kumar and Soudhamini Shyamkumar – Husband and wife team, Mini works for Sandeepani Vidhyanikethan in English department and Shyam Communicative English Faculty at ST.Joseph Public School ICSE Aloor, Kodakara, who are so gentle and natural, always affectionate and willing to devote their time for students, cousins from my wife’s side.

Lakshmikutty Shivadas – Head of Department English Department Vimala College Thrissur, English is not our mother tongue, but no one can beat her and her mastery over the language, my wifes aunty.

Rema Vijayamohan – Teacher in Sharjah, a very close family friend.

Parvathy Mam, Teacher Our Own English High School Abu Dhabi, my son’s teacher, my mother in laws colleague, more than that a great, humble and simple human being.

Meena Jayaraman – Head Teacher Kendriya Vidyalaya Bangalore, again a person whom I respect a lot since the time I met her, and her loving husband Jayaraman, the connection continues strong forever.

Ammu Menon – Teacher Bangalore, my wifes aunt – she is beauty personified with brilliance, you ask how many students successfully pass through her personal coaching, no count, and by now, I think it must be more than thousand or more! She and her trademark bindi is famous.

Bhanu Teacher – Teacher – from my father’s side, a person who is simple and remembered by her students.

Fr Fancis Kurissery – Head of Department Christ College English Department and currently responsible for Amala Medical college and institutions, if you ask me who I will remember till and after my death among teachers, he is one of them. There is lot of wavelength and inspiration from his action to all his students including me. He used to be the hostel warden during our days and lucky are those batch!

God bless all of them with good health, peace and prosperity. For all those departed, they are always in my mind as those many other students whom they taught and left a life long mark.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Saturday, 5th September 2015

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