Electronic world – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt 29 August 2015

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This is the age of electronic communication. This makes things easier for all. Children are well read and if they have any doubt on anything in this universe, they have the Google guru to assist. They don’t need to ask anyone else. They don’t believe anyone else too! Either their friends or what they find from searching on the Internet through Google.

I am amazed and amused by this trend. The other day I was in a shopping mall lift. A family of three came in with their child in the pram. I noticed the cute little boy of 3 to 4 years playing with an Android phone.

I thought he might be playing some games. As I observed closer, I was proved wrong, he was watching videos from a YouTube link active in it. Selecting and changing one after another!

As it was Onam, the harvest festival of Keralites, I went to the vegetable section of the supermarket.

I found a young couple, probably recently married, busy shopping. The boy and the girl were trying to impress each other on their mastery on vegetables and cooking! It was nice to see them trying to make headway in their life journey.

In between the girl too was searching on the Internet for various ingredients to be bought for a traditional Kerala recipe.

As I stood in the queue, I could see her calling her mother to confirm whether the items and quantity to be purchased were correct!

What would we do in this modern world if the mobile or electronic gadgets stop working?

Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today, Short Take Dt 29 August 2015

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