Road tragedy a call for education – Letters to the Editor – The National Dt 15th July 2015

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My reaction to your news story, Dubai police officer dies trying to help woman (July 12) is that this is a tragedy – and especially because it was the second recent incident in which a police officer has been killed in this way.

It once again confirms that most people just don’t realise that disobeying traffic rules not only jeopardises their own lives but also those of others. It is a lesson some people seem determined to only learn the hard way.

These type of accidents are likely to encourage the authorities to enforce stricter traffic rules for the people’s own good. That is the right choice.

All drivers in the UAE– and especially the young ones – need to be educated about being patient behind the wheel, not texting or speaking on the phone while driving and not driving while tired.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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