Mind Speaks – Is Life A Rat Race?

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Is Life A Rat Race?

A first of its kind parking and play facility was getting completed in our area. The work took a considerably long time as it was a huge structure. Obviously, the worksite had an area for staff accommodation and storage. That opened automatically options for all types of waste to get accumulated in the area. Once the work completed and site was ready to open, the workers accommodations and storage units were moved to another location as planned.

However, there were some silent residents in the area (are they really silent?). None other than a colony of rodents. Now exposed, where do they go? No options other than to migrate to the nearby available residential buildings. Are they a welcomed guests? No and resulted in some work for the respective maintenance staff. They started it immediately without fail.

On my way to work one day, I chanced upon this little friend. Its eye was glowing as if it wanted to speak a lot. To run around and escape. But, it was unable. That made me explore why and how it was in that condition. Maintenance staff around told me that they had to keep poisoned rodent biscuits to finish of these unwanted guests.

What was surprising for me was there were many cats in that area, even closer to this one I spotted. None were interested to catch it! Were they afraid of eating a poisoned prey? No, not really was the answer from the ever ready staff who were vigilantly following its end. They said to me that these days the cats in the area are well fed with expensive cat food. So, they have left their traditional predatory instincts and now after a luxurious lift style. Not bad to follow the modern definition of cat and mouse games!

Or is it a natural example of a harmonious living.

All these thoughts happened within a few minutes. As I observed the rodent one more time, it was at the last minute of life in this world. I still felt it was looking at me and wanted to say so many things. At times, many of us might have been at situations watching the last minutes of someone whom we like from a closer view. He or she will realise the value of life and work done and left to be done at that time.
Harmonious living is something we have to now strive for. Till then, you will not wonder if one says, life is like a rat race!

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
05th June 2015