Parents need to take absolute care – Gulf News Debate – The ethics of Facebook friends Dt 12th April 2014

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Parents need to take absolute care
This is an important topic with modern day relevance connecting academic and family values. Literally, every school-going child in the UAE is exposed to digital media in one way or another. Social media like Facebook and WhatsApp are good when used with parental assistance. Prolonged one-on-one correspondence and interactions on these online platforms without supervision will definitely give opportunities to peep into one another’s personal matters and many times it can go outside the boundaries of etiquette and morality. A school-going child up to his graduate level does require parental monitoring. Absolute care should be taken to follow them, their activities within and outside school to make sure they are progressing on the right path.
Children are exposed to knowledge and information much easier than us and it is a parent’s duty to make sure that their children is not going astray from his or his family’s goals and dreams. The educational authorities and schools should give this subject greater thought and study the probability of taking the right measures to define which medium and up to what extent teachers and students can interact on social media.
From Mr Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi

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