A pair of tricycles and many points to ponder

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Every morning when I go to office, I see a little girl going to her school.  She will be struggling to smile and say good morning as she is yet to awake from her sleep. Her mother will be carrying the bags and bottle and literally carrying her to the waiting bus. Days went on and suddenly one day as I was going to office, I noticed all the three members of the family together. The girl was in a cheerful mood and said to me. The girl said to me uncle, we are leaving for India. I thought, they are going for school holidays. Then the father corrected, no we are leaving for good. I felt sad.

This morning while on to the office, I saw this pair of old tri-cycles at their door steps. Abandoned and reminding of a childhood that had passed away in front of our eyes.

The site brought many thoughts in my mind. The modern age children are victims of several circumstances. When I go to my home in Kerala, I get to see the books, toys and many other items I used during my childhood days. Neatly kept and displayed in my room or many other rooms in my home. The fact that parents remained in one place and availability of place and personnel made those items remain intact for years for me to be reminded of my young age. How many children these days get this privilege? How many parents have time to think about their children and their personal preferences and choices? Even if they do, can they accommodate those demands, if they have a job that makes them move around the world?

Are these the reasons for children becoming non-materialistic and non-emotional? A point to ponder as I wish this little fairy a blessed journey ahead in her home state.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
Tuesday, 7th April 2015