Walking reminds of an older time – The National Dt 27 February 2015

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Walking reminds of an older time

Your article, Taken at walking pace, Abu Dhabi becomes a very different city (February 23), has prompted nostalgic memories of earlier days in Abu Dhabi.
There were limited taxis and buses so most people used to walk to work and back home. This provided the opportunity to see the city progressing and also led to more sun exposure. I believe there were fewer cases of vitamin D deficiency then than there are now.
Back in those days, the electronic gadgets of the modern era did not exist so people lived in the present more. It meant it was easier to meet people, possibly starting long friendships.
Now people are so distracted that I feel concerned when I see them ignoring their own safety by walking or crossing the road while using mobile phones.
I believe The National’s #startwalking campaign will be a great success, but it is also important for the authorities to ensure the streets and pathways are more user-friendly for pedestrians.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
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