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Speed limit
The other day, I was in a car driven by a young colleague. She was keen to show her driving skills to us and was driving well. At some point of time, I felt she was going a bit fast or above the limit. Not to discourage her, we started talking about the road safety issues, particularly speeding.
She was too fast to understand the point of view and said to us, “I am driving through this road every day. I know where the cameras are placed and where to reduce the speed. Do not worry.”
Do we get to read the mind of the other drivers on the road at the same time with us! Do we get to know in advance, if they do a dangerous fast move cutting across our pathway? Will it be possible to control the vehicle at that point if we too are speeding? No, will be my answer at all times. Road safety is of utmost importance, particularly caution towards speeding. After a particular speed, it would be impossible to control the vehicle, how much ever skilled one is. It is, therefore, advisable to stay within the speed limit and adhere to the road safety instructions set by the authorities.
Let safety for you, for me and for all, be remembered and reminded whenever we are on the road.

Ramesh Menon  
Gulf Today – Short Take Dt 14 February 2015
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