Airport wisdom – Gulf Today – Short Take Dt 31 January 2015

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Airport wisdom
Travelling offers plenty of opportunities to observe, interact and learn many new things from people and places.
The other day, I was at the airport waiting to board the plane and suddenly a medical emergency came up and it was delayed. Tired and restless passengers joined as groups and started conversing with each other. I happened to be with passengers from the US, Belgium and Switzerland. Our talks led to an interesting question to each other, why we were travelling where we were travelling to!
The elderly person from the US was a citizen of Indian origin, but still keeping connections with his family and friends. It was too cold where he was living and since at his age he couldn’t withstand it, he was moving on to India for a few months.
The traveller from Belgium was travelling for the first time and he was full of expectations towards his holidays from the fascinating stories he heard from his friends who came before.
The third person, who was from Switzerland, was proceeding to India after a brief stopover in the United Arab Emirates. He told us that his daughter, when she was a small child had read about the UAE, its history and culture. From then, she was keen on visiting the UAE at least once.
What she did was to find an educational programme that suited her and was utilising one full semester period in the UAE.
“With this visit, I could see my girl in the UAE and then proceed to India, which is closer to UAE and fulfil my dream of visiting the historic and cultural abundance,” he said.
Keep trying and do it when you get the chance — however long it takes. I am sure, your goals and dreams will come true, if you keep an attitude of this sort.

Ramesh Menon
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