Inspirational turn – Gulf Today – Short Take Dt 17 January 2015

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Inspirational turn
This is an actual story about a boy who just graduated as one of the best students from a technical institution of significance.
When he joined, he was the most disobedient among the students, always trying to find one way or another to be in the limelight among the backbenchers.
Smoking, making loud sounds or even at times ignoring instructions from the professors, he was taking out his personal frustrations in the college on his fellow students and teachers.
One day, the professors took him and other students on a visit to a school for physically challenged. A boy trying to do a painting caught his attention. He was attracted to his effort to complete forgetting his physical disabilities. Both formed a rapport with each other and our student started helping him instantaneously.
May be it was the first time in life he got connected to an emotional human element. It never died down. Transformed at the realities of life, he was a changed student altogether when he returned to his college.
Then on, everyone saw a different personality in him. He was regular to his class and assignments and at the end of the course, he was the best student in his batch.
Academicians have a big role in transforming students. The students’ success to a certain extent lies in the capabilities of an effective Communication Action Programme whereby they are taught in simple ways how important is education and the significance of becoming a professional by own efforts and merits.
There is always a good human being in everyone and the success of a person or programme is dependent on finding out this and nurturing in the right way.
Students like him are to be congratulated and educationists who identify and develop such national potential at a young age are to be praised.
Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today – Short Take Dt 17 January 2014
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