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Noble cause

Weekends are something one looks forward to. Come Sunday, and work keeps all busy. Occasional attendance to some public function may be the only diversion to this schedule. Come Thursday and things change. We look forward to meeting friends and a series of activities rejuvenate us.
One of the activities in my life is to assist a group of friends in serving the less fortunate and less educated within our society. Less fortunate is common to all. However, less educated is an interesting term I imbibed recently from an elderly person.
We were in the middle of a health awareness campaign and one among us casually checked his blood sugar level. He was well educated, a teetotaler, and had a disciplined life. However, he was found with a higher than normal blood sugar level.
That was a chance discovery, which in normal case would have gone unnoticed till it had aggravated. A casual persuasive talk by someone to have his parameters checked helped him avert a danger to his life.
This is an important lesson we learnt. This has given us more vigour to come all out and create awareness to the less educated and less fortunate about health and dangers of smoking. Added with a bit of awareness on road safety, our mission each week is full of bliss.
End of the weekend, we all say blessed when we are able to convince someone to stop smoking or drinking or even help diagnose an unknown medical condition and assist him to get appropriate treatment.
Ramesh Menon
Gulf Today – Short Take – Dt 1st November 2014
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