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Setting an example

During a recent visit to Bangalore, I had the opportunity to meet the head of the department at the college where my son is studying.
I was expecting a senior man with a firm face and no smile. As the attendant took me to his office, I was pleasantly surprised. There sits in that responsible seat a man in the early forties, who greeted me with a welcome smile.
Talking to me about the student behaviour, he narrated an example. He quoted to me the sadhya, i.e. the traditional feast we have.
He said, “Education is like the rice in the sadhya served along with numerous other items like pickle and curries.”
One cannot fill his stomach by consuming the pickle or curries. He has to have rice to satisfy his hunger and be happy. Education is just like that. A student in a professional college should take it seriously and consider it the most important phase in his life till he passes out in the first attempt.
Other activities like partying etc. should be given a secondary spot in his daily life. Only then will he be able to enjoy life. Once he passes out with a good score and secures employment with a decent pay package, all the fun activities will follow suit.
If he ignored education, he will face enormous difficulties.
I was impressed by his attentiveness to minute details of each of his students, from first year to final year, in his department.
Having studied in the same college, worked outside and returning to the same college to head the Mechanical Engineering department, Prof. Ravishankarshowed a complete belongingness of the institution.
Educationists like him are an asset to the community.

Ramesh Menon
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