Avoidable turmoil – Gulf Today – Short Take – Dt 14-09-2014

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Avoidable turmoil
These days, when one opens the newspapers, it is filled with stories of atrocities happening around the world. The sufferings of people are beyond explanation. In particular, women and children. There is absolutely no safety for them and they end up as the first, fast and easy prey for the tormentors.
Reading about the killings, I wonder why humanity has gone back to the bygone era, when the world is highly advanced in terms of technology and expertise.
Where there are no man-made calamities happening, we hear of natural disasters. The recent floods in India, Pakistan, Philippines and other countries are of high magnitude. It will take several years to rebuild what has been destroyed. Let us at least try and strive to reduce the emotional difficulties of those affected.
Ramesh Menon

Gulf Today, Short Take Dt. 13 September 2014
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