Highway code is necessary – Letters to the editor – The National Dt. 1 July 2014

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Highway code is necessary

I refer to the article Safety expert advocates UAE federal highway code (June 30). The code is particularly necessary to keep heavy vehicles under control. They should never be given the extra 10 or 20kph speed allowance.
The moment you give that opportunity to these drivers, they tend to break the rules. In other words, if the maximum speed limit is 100kph for heavy vehicles, they should stay below it.
Many times, I have been in situations where buses and lorries came flashing their headlights from behind. The RTA buses are no exception. They should also be made to stay within the last two lanes, so as to keep the rest of the lanes free for lighter vehicles.
There is a rule that public and commercial vehicles should display specific phone numbers on which complaints can be made in case of dangerous driving. But proper monitoring is needed to make this system effective. A dedicated centralised contact number will be more helpful. I am sure consistent efforts will help make our roads safer and better. Let us all work together towards this objective.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi
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