Silent reply – Gulf Today – Short Take – Dt. 21 June 2014

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Silent reply
It was a quiet time at the supermarket and I was waiting at the weighing counter in the vegetable section.
A worker arrived and placed some boxes of vegetables that were to be displayed at one of the sections. At that time, another customer appeared and positioned himself between the boxes and me.
The person at the weighing counter had seen me standing earlier and hence collected my items and started weighing them.
Suddenly, the other customer who created a new queue started insulting the counter staff and me.
He went to such an extent that he started talking about my country and my roots.
I was in no mood to respond and chose to ignore him. Seeing me not reacting, he stopped blabbering.
His provocation could have created an ugly scene, but I am happy that I chose to be silent and it did make a difference.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

Gulf Today, Short Take Dt 21 June 2014

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