Volcano fountain – Short Take – Gulf Today – 10th May 2014

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Volcano fountain
I love the UAE and always think of ways to contribute to the society.
Of late, I have been wondering if there is any possibility for the restoration of the historic Volcano fountain, that was there in Abu Dhabi, from the period 1984 – 2004. It was demolished and gave way to the modernisation of Abu Dhabi Corniche.
As we say, when something is there, we do not find its value, and when it is gone, we miss it very much.
Volcano Fountain, rated as one of the top 10 fountains in the world, was one such fascinating attraction.
Since 2005, I am making humble efforts to attract the attention of the authorities about its prestigious value in the architectural history of Abu Dhabi. The campaign is gaining momentum slowly and steadily.
Whoever were here during the period, and whoever were not here and watched the videos of it, say that it is one attraction that should be recreated in modern Abu Dhabi. It was a place where all nationalities once turned up to exchange pleasantries, met family and friends during weekends.
I continue to dream too, placing the Volcano Fountain among various probable scenic spots being developed within the city.
As they say, if you dream, Dream Big, and one day I wish and hope that my hope of recreating a new Volcano Fountain will come true too.
Ramesh Menon

Short Take – Gulf Today – 10th May 2014

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