Letter on: ‘Only a miracle’ can save Michael Schumacher’ – Gulf News Dated 08 March 2014

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It is indeed a shocking news. I have been following him all these years. Although not supporting his team, I am a fan of his driving style and fighting spirit. Especially the sport which he was participating requires tremendous physical and mental strength and focus. He remained and conquered all his tracks but left his focus on safety at another place. His accident is a reminder to all of us. Safety is not an item to be ignored at any single moment of our life. I sincerely pray he come back to his normal self and gradually take part in day to day activities and then at least do some role in the Formula 1 race, for all those who followed him, loved watching him race on all the available tracks in the world. God bless.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
To read the related news in original, please visit GULF NEWS online.

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