Youth power – Gulf Today – Short Take Dt. 22 February 2014

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Youth power
I had an opportunity to attend a forum “Big Achievements. Early Starts” conducted by the Salama Bint Al Nahyan Foundation. The five youth achievers, Abdul Muqeet Abdul Mannan, Adeeb Al Blooshi, Cameron Oliver, Dubai Abulhoul  and Hamda Al Bana were honoured.
They made individual presentations to the audience and followed it up with a one-to-one conversation. They talked about the rationale behind their ideas, how they accomplished them and the difficulties they faced.
All of them were crystal clear about their chosen path and had definite vision for their life ahead.
It also highlighted that these children are definitely an asset to the society and inspire many others as they progressed ahead.
No wonder, the forum opened up the hidden wealth of the nation – that is the “youth.” All those who attended left with confidence that the leaders of the country are rightly investing in local talents with a vision far ahead to make the UAE stand tall and proud among the nations of the world.

Ramesh Menon
Gulf Today, Short Take Dt. 22nd February 2014
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