Cost-cutting of drugs raises hope

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Cost-cutting of drugs raises hope
With regard to your article, UAE slashes cost of diabetes drugs by more than 80% (December 31), this move could be termed as the parting gift of year 2013 by the Ministry of Health that might lead to reduction of the cost of several life-saving medicines, and especially those that deal with lung cancer.
Cancer treatment is one area which the ministry has to focus, specially as the medicines involved are extremely costly and many times not readily available.
As a result, there are many cases and instances where patients had to import them at their own risk.
The Ministry of Health and hospitals concerned, in tandem with the pharmaceutical companies, have to give special concession to patients who deserve compassion and care.
This move by the ministry is a great first step that will bring a ray of hope to many who are under prolonged and critical medical care.

Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi

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