Emiratis and Expats : Bridging the gap – Gulf News Dt. 11.09.2013

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Understanding the culture
A thought provoking article of contemporary relevance, as UAE is looking to progress in all fields. An individual of any nationality undergoes the same dilemma expressed by the writer. It is true that a certain cultural inhibition is there in most of us. However, I believe that each individual needs to put in effort to learn and understand the local language and tradition of the country, to feel a part of it. As a member of the India Social and Cultural Centre (ISC), Abu Dhabi, I would like to appreciate the effort of ISC to conduct Arabic language courses for its members and their families. This has made a significant impact in the community. Involvement of police and other local humanitarian associations in club events has also given expatriates an opportunity to understand the local culture.
From Mr Ramesh Menon
Abu Dhabi
To read it in original, please visit Gulf News online.

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