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More bus shelters needed
People either stand near a wall or a hotel close by to protect themselves from the sun
By Shahnawas Latiff, Gulf News ReaderPublished: 00:00 May 9, 2012

Image Credit: VIRENDRA SAKLANI/Gulf News
Passengers are forced to cover themselves with pieces of cloth as they wait for the bus at an open bus stop because there are no shelters nearby.
I would like to draw attention to a request that people need most while commuting.
This is with regard to bus stops without proper shelter from the sun, such as the one in Al Quoz. I’m not sure how many more similar situations are happening across the UAE.
Al Quoz bus station is one of the stops that has a good frequency of operation, but what it lacks the most is shelter. I have been to this bus stop a couple of times and everything was fine, except the bus stop itself. I saw people either taking shelter near a wall or a hotel close by to protect themselves from the scorching sun.
I would like to appeal to the authorities concerned to provide at least a temporary arrangement before the peak of summer in order to protect commuters.
There could be many more bus stops that might require this urgent attention.
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My comments as follows:

Very timely report. With the sun at it’s best today with strong wind, even sitting in the comfort of my cars aircondition, I felt it extremely hot. I hope the authorities take note of this summer scenario and re-prioritise the renovation, installation of waiting sheds in all the emirates. It is all the more important as the taxi charges are on the rise, and recommendation to use more public transports to avoid traffic congestion on the road.
Ramesh Menon, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

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