Rhythmic treat – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 24.03.2012

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Rhythmic treat

Recently, I had an opportunity to attend a scintillating two-hour music session by Anoushka Shankar and her team in Abu Dhabi.

The group of artistes were from different parts of the world and the performance was harmoniously blended with the artistes complementing each other on traditional Indian and Spanish musical instruments and melody.

The theme Traveller turned out to be perfect as the rhythm and mood created a “gypsy feeling” in the audience’s mind.

What made the concert more interesting was the way they took off from one style to another using musical instruments that were non-conventional to those styles they attempted.

Pin-drop silence was what we experienced at the huge auditorium of Emirates Palace, except for the magical sounds coming out from them.

It is true that music has no boundaries.

I could relate this pride of watching her perform live at Abu Dhabi when after the programme some guests leaving the auditorium mentioned, “I watched her dad perform 40 years ago in New York and now her in Abu Dhabi. Both bring the same sweet smile, calmness and ease of quality music out when they sit to perform.”

Ramesh Menon

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