Election experience – Short Take – Gulf Today Dt. 17.03.2012

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Election experience

Participating in a recent associational election turned out to be an excellent management experience for me.

Contesting as a candidate for a literary post, I realised I had to be more socio-politically conscious along with my literary abilities if I have to venture again.

Although, the election was done by voting of members.

I realised that there were only very few who opted to utilise their voting rights. It made me think about our general cry for voting rights to be part of national constitutional formations.

What will happen, if majority refrain from their civic rights to elect a candidate by way of a vote.

My share of advice after this interesting event is, if given a choice to participate in such an activity, do not miss it and vote it right.

Also as a candidate, one should keep a winning attitude and strategy to see the race through with smiles.

Ramesh Menon
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