After all, we love cricket – Vow Virat !

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What a match man! What to say? All through the last two months the team saved me from my valuable TV time with display on fiield and off. Honestly, I have never been a big fan of you for your four lettered usages, but today, just take time to salute you man.

 “When you are winning you can stay on tour for five months. You won’t mind a single day, but when you are not doing well as a team it is really difficult to hold yourself together mentally”. That was his post match comment. Sidharth Monga wrote it rightly at cricinfo “There is something dangerous about those who have lost it all.”

We, as mad cricket fans, have lot to look forward if you play like this. Well done, but as usual, we all put ourselves and love to be in situations to be at the mercy of others, or their deeds to move ahead. I am not different and my national cricket team too. No choice other than to wait till Australia play Sri Lanka and hopefully win over them in the next match.