Mind Speaks – Looking forward to ICC 2011 World Cup India – Pakistan Semi Finals / Sreesanth should be given a chance

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Mind Speaks – Looking forward to ICC 2011 World Cup India – Pakistan Semi Finals / Sreesanth should be given a chance.

Well, well, well. What at an exciting game of knock-out matches happening at WC 2011. Australian team were really floored by both Pakistan and India in consecutive matches. Each
player looked responsible and played a pre-defined plan to perfection. The exuberance of confidence and focus level shown by Yuvraj Singh was are getting to its timely peak for a go at the cup this time.
Whether we win the semi final match against Pakistan or not, the tournament has been given a momentum by the attitude of the attitude to win by those 8 teams. They have already
captured the hearts of millions of Cricket fans, irrespective of whether they come from India, Pakistan, England, Australia or wherever.
I hope Mahindra Singh Dhoni and Indian Team think tank take a final look at the non-performers before they go in to the field for the match with Pakistan. By all means, Sreesanth deserves a chance to prove that it was a one-off day for him against Bangladesh. If Dhoni, persists on sidelining him once again, it will be demoralising factor for the player, who could come out with unplayable deliveries consecutively. Even if it does happen, for a player of his caliber, it will not be the end of the world.
Looking forward to an interesting end to WC 2011.

Ramesh Menon

PS: I know it is an extremely dangerous act to write a commentary supporting Sreesanth. God willing if given a chance and he gets on to the playing eleven, my prayers are he keeps his cool and take wickets, a bag full. My Short Take Published in Gulf Today of 26th March is thus dedicated to him.

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