Events – A concert on Mohanveena & One act Play by Poly Varghese

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Events – A concert on Mohanveena & One act Play by Poly Varghese


Strings n Moods … A concert on Mohanveena
concert on Mohanveena by Poly Vargheese (worthy disciple of Grammy Award winner Pandit Viswa Mohan Bhat.)
Wednesday, October 13 @· 8:30pm  at KERALA SOCIAL CENTRE, ABU DHABI
The cultural Evening also presents One Act Playby Poly Vargheese who has been widely acclaimed for exceptional talent in this field.
Entry  free. All music  & art lovers can attend. This will be a great experience.
More info.
Poly Varghese is a Hindustani classical guitarist and Mohan veena player based in Chennai performing raagas on a modified electric guitar and the mohan veena. He is the disciple of the renowned Mohan …Veena exponent and Grammy award winner, Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhat.
He started his music career from the prestigious Kerala Kalamandalam,Trichur and later on went to the Viswa Bharati University at Santiniketan, Kolkatta. Thereafter under the tutelage and guidance of Pandit Vishwa Mohan Bhat, he was able to establish himself as an accomplished Hindustani classical guitarist, using his sound knowledge of classical raagas to create his own innovative and inimitable style.
He recently designed and created a new three neck guitar consisting of 40 strings to play Hindustani music. He sometimes improvises and plays his own compositions too and has a number of concerts to his credit having recently played for the programme ‘Sugamana Ragangal ‘ for Doordarshan Chennai. He has also performed at the Adishakthi Ashram (headed by Veenapani Chawla a renowned theatre exponent), in Pondicherry.
Having travelled with the Baul singers of West Bengal, he is familiar with their music and can render high-pitched Baul songs with ease. He is also trained in Rabindra Sangeet.
He is leading actor in south Indian films too.
Poly is also a music composer and has composed music for films and theatre. he was last asst of great music dir devarajan master and won the Jeevan Atlas Award in 2005 for the Best Music Director of the year for a Malayalam film. Poly is proficient in Malayalam but can also speak English, Tamil and Bengali Oriya, Hindi like 9 languages as well.

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See you at “ Strings n Moods” ….
K B Murali
Kerala Social Centre
Abu Dhabi.