Mind Speaks – Rain, a pond and a temple elephant

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Mind Speaks – Rain, a pond and a temple elephant

As usual, however short it may be, I make it a point to visit my ancestoral home, the temple and the old neighbours at Oorakam, Thrissur District Kerala. It was raining heavily on that day, I found this temple elephant, tied securely and under treatment for heat, enjoying the heavy rain on that day.

The incessant rain and the overflowing pond nearby shows very clearly the amount of rain received during this season. To add beauty to it, there was a series of thunder and lightning. Since I was driving, I was unable to capture them.

It is a delight to jump into the pond and swim our heart out. No wonder, Kerala, always GOD’s Own Country, at least when we talk about nature and it’s beauty.

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Ramesh Menon

One thought on “Mind Speaks – Rain, a pond and a temple elephant

    Giree said:
    August 12, 2010 at 8:12 am

    Really mind blowing, this is the real beauty of Kerala, gives such a nostalgic feeling. Miss all these….!! Sir, So much thanks for sharing.