13 June 2010 – 3rd year of Team 1 blogs

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13 June 2010 – 3rd year of Team 1 blogs

Dear Friends,

It is with immense pleasure and gratitude, I am writing this note.

Tomorrow, 13th June 2010, will mark three years of my blogging. What started as a small email group named Team1Dubai to interact with and motivate a group of students of IGNOU Dubai, is now branched into different vistas of communications.

On 13th June 2007, as per a suggestion by a friend, Mr. Mohan Iyer from Australia, I started my first blog http://www.team1dubai.blogspot.com. The interest it generated and the reach encouraged me to branch out my interests and activities into the following blogs and interactive medias:

13-Jun-07 Team 1 Dubai http://www.team1dubai.blogspot.com/
25-Nov-08 Indian Bloggers Nest

14-Aug-08 Athaani http://athaani.blogspot.com/
06-Oct-08 Talent Share http://talentshare.blogspot.com/
03-Dec-08 Team 1 UAE
01-Apr-09 CBSE Plus
30-Sep-09 Team 1 Passionate Photographers

And then Team 1 Talent Share Fan page: http://www.facebook.com/Team1Talentshare
Passionate Photographers group :

Each one has it’s own significance and purpose and I have always tried to mark its relevance whenever there is an opportunity or need.

The encouragement and support received from all of you are highly significant and I do not want to miss out on THANKING any one who took their time out to visit and read what I posted.

This has also resulted in focussing seriously on Community reporting benefiting on several progressive measures for the welfare of the community.

With a combined readers count approximately numbering till date to 251,000 hits and with Face Book hits, it is continuing to grow slowly and steadily.

Photography, music, education, communication, HSE, Social Service. Interest and involvements are multitude in nature and each of them are kept active periodically as time and opportunity permits . However, in the recent times, I have kept my focus mainly on http://www.team1uae.blogspot.com/ and http://www.talentshare.blogspot.com/ and you are invited to continue your visits there and keep showing your interest as well as invite your friends who you feel will benefit a point or two from my postings.

God bless you all to have a great journey ahead.

Ramesh Menon

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