Team 1 Talent Share Message to Members : Theme for June 2010

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Team 1 Talent Share Message to Members : Theme for June 2010

Team 1 Talent Share Message to Members : Theme for June 2010

Dear Talent Share Participating members and Fans,

1. I sincerely thank each and every participating member of Talent Share Fan page and blog. May be due to school holidays in India and school ending season and exams before summer holidays, the responses received to the May 2010 themes have been limited.

With the importance of the themes mentioned for May and it’s relevance to children, I am continuing them for June 2010 with additions.

Flowers and vegetables

You may draw different types of flowers and vegetables you get to see in your day to day life. If possible, try to add their botanical name to add interest and knowledge to the viewers.

Life in a Zoo

You can draw and present animals, birds and other activities you watch in a zoo. This is also an opportunity to visit a zoon nearby your home and present what you see there either as a drawing, coloring, cartoon etc.

Traffic Awareness

This is an important theme presented for the month of May and I am continuing for June as well. As many of you may be aware by now, the directorate of traffic and patrol (general command of Abu Dhabi police -UAE) and SAAED company is conducting one of the largest international ART competition. The competition is for traffic regulation under the banner of (traffic safety). The rules and regulations are detailed in the following link.

I hope, Talent Share participating members from worldwide are inspired by the above item to submit their creative contribution directly at the link and address mentioned in the above link. At the same time, I am requesting you to present a copy of it so that, it inspires more members to participate. I am encouraging a multiple presentation policy because; I believe that a healthy competition always brings out the best.

2. In addition, from this month, I will be including a weekly or bi-weekly theme for presentation of photographs clicked by you at Passionate Photographers group.

Theme for this week is : Sunrise

Sincerely looking forward to your photo presentations, with location details and time you clicked at Passionate Photographers group before 08 June 2010: