Team 1 Talent Share Message to Members : Theme for May 2010

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Team 1 Talent Share Message to Members : Theme for May 2010

Dear Talent Share Participating members and Fans,

1. I sincerely thank each and every participating member of Talent Share Fan page and blog. The responses received to the April 2010 themes have been remarkable. It became an open example of bringing out hidden and innate talents of our members as we watched with interest the beautiful jewellery collections presented.

I am presenting to you the themes for May 2010:

• Life in a Zoo

You can draw and present animals, birds and other activities you watch in a zoo. This is also an opportunity to visit a zoon nearby your home and present what you see there either as a drawing, coloring, cartoon etc.

• Traffic Awareness

This is an important theme presented for the month of May. Some of you may be aware, the directorate of traffic and patrol (general command of Abu Dhabi police -UAE) and SAAED company is conducting one of the largest international ART competition. The competition is for traffic regulation under the banner of (traffic safety). The rules and regulations are detailed in the following link.

* I hope, Talent Share participating members from worldwide are inspired by this theme to submit their creative contribution directly at the link and address mentioned in the above link. At the same time, I am requesting you to present a copy of it so that, it inspires more members to participate. I am encouraging a multiple presentation policy because; I believe that a healthy competition always brings out the best.

2. I would like to also inform you that the recent newspaper coverage with the support of Malayala Manorama has brought in many entries and visitors to the Fan page and blog. The effort is a continuous process and thus repeats my request to all the participating members to present neat and complete work. More such presentation opportunities are looked upon and very soon you will see the result of it.

3. I am happy to inform you that, our dedicated style of presentation and participation is getting recognised and appreciated by organisations and associations. One such example is the important announcement by Christ College Irinjalakuda Alumni association to showcase on Talent Share sites the entire presentations submitted by their member’s children for an ongoing art competition. Organisations and cultural associations and their active members are invited to present such activities on Talent Share.

4. Due to ongoing changes on Face Book, several new options and enhancements are coming out. It is causing sometimes huge inconvenience and loss of data. This was one of the reasons; I couldn’t implement the two new added features informed to you through the Message dated 31 March 2010. However, here too, we take the principle, a change is an opportunity and I am working on several added features during the split seconds of my available time devoted for Talent Share. Watch out for them, and promise you to make it interesting as usual. All these actions are done with sincere interest to prove the good aspects of utilising social network sites for the benefit of the society around.

As I rephrase and quote Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s words, do you need to be motivated to promote and participate Talent Share?

Wish you a great month day and great month ahead.

Ramesh Menon
Sunday, 02.05.2010