Mind Speaks – Yes. WE CAN

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Mind Speaks – Yes. WE CAN

Dear Friends,

Welcome to read the 9th issue of No News. An interesting photo and interesting title. Yes. WE CAN. We heard this quite a lot these days due to the recently concluded US Presidential election. Barack Obama has become the president elect now. That was on the other side of the globe, and it was an event where our global godfather’s destiny is involved. While we wait and watch what happens next, an interesting development happened on this side of the sub-continent. India beat Australia 2-0 in test cricket. What more you need when two stalwarts are departing from the game?

Watching test cricket is not in the agenda of many. But reading about it and seeing the highlights still holds good ground as it gives us opportunity to analyse certain management styles. In bief, let us take some of the opportunities made available, created, utilised and missed.

To begin with, I have plenty of compassion for Rahul Dravid. In terrible times and going to the ground with grease in hands and pins on his bat’s grip. Each time while fielding or batting he had some problems or other. Gautam Gambir’s test of strength and subsequent ban gave a blissful opening to Murali Vijay. Along with ability, time was in his favour by way of K Srikanth as Chief Selector and Madras IPL team captain MS Dhoni as the captain of Indian side. Opportunities seldom come on national level and the boy from Madras knew it very well. Good opening partnerships supplemented with excellent fielding in both innings. Whether he gets to play often, with this performance I am sure, he will be with the Indian touring side henceforth.

MS Dhoni is continuing to prove that he is an ever improving personality. I read that due to Kumble’s injury he was called for duty just one hour before the start of the test and ended up as a winning captain. But do you think a make shift captain can do that with luck?. I don’t think so, he must have been planning and playing all the time in his mind, analysing and observing each and every team members and their capabilities and weaknesses and also the opposition players’. This was proved when he finally became the Captain of choice after Anil Kumble announced his retirement before the final test match. Dhoni proved that one doesn’t have to intimidate with talks and actions to gain command over the opposition. Yes, one can be a silent killer with perceptive actions. I am keen to see how he progress along with his young generation players. After all, we eat, breath and sleep cricket. Don’t we?

Coming back to the title –Yes. WE CAN. Barack Obama has become the President elect of United States. Well, very good. This election has taken a lot of radio and tv time and news space. What change is it going to effect us in the coming days? I don’t know. Except my wish that it gives an opportunistic change in terms of the traffic situation, the falling global share price, the cash crunch, employment cuts etc etc. Very soon he has to play a real magician’s role in order to put a break to all those erosions and corrosions happening globally. How he does that and how he charismatically and politically blend with the global leaders in order for US to retain the global god father seat will definitely be an impact on the shape of things to happen.

While we wait for it, let me conclude this write up with a small sentence from his speech. Our stories are singular but destiny is united. May be Harbhajan Singh also wanted to say this after the series with Australia.Yes. WE CAN. Indian team proved it. Why not we?

Last but not the least,

Have a great week ahead,

Ramesh Menon
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