Only for Bangaloreans- A chance to Learn Sanskrit

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Only for Bangaloreans- A chance to Learn Sanskrit

Namaste All,

This mail is meant only for those living in Bangalore-India.
If any of your friends are residing in bangalore, please forward this
to them too..

Here is an opportunity to learn to speak in Samskrit. IT Milans with
Samskrithabharathi is organizing Samskritha Sambhashana Shibira at
every nook and corner of bangalore on Nov 22nd and 23rd. The teachers
are from Samskrita Bharati, all well-trained and many of them teach
Samskrit in schools and colleges.

For registering, you may send a mail to samskrit4u@gmail. com or you
may contact the person coordinating the camps in your locality
http://speaksamskri t.blogspot. com/2008/ 10/contact. html

For further details, please read on.



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Samskrita Bharati is an NGO, dedicated to reviving Samskritam as a
conversational language and thereby bringing about a social change.
Rather than speaking about Samskritam, Samskrita Bharati focuses on
speaking in Samskritam and using it as a medium of instruction to
unearth the treasure – the unsurpassed wisdom of Indian sages,
philosophers, scientists, and poets found in ancient Samskrita works
and treatises.

The Speak Samskritam movement took off in 1981. Till today more than
1.5 crores have been trained with 20 hours of course module in 10
days. More than 150 people are working as full-time workers for the

Samskrit Sambhashan Workshops

http://speaksamskri t.blogspot. com/

Samskrita Bharati is conducting 2 full days Samskrit Sambhashan
Workshops(Samskrit speaking workshops) on Nov.22 (Saturday) and
Nov.23 (Sunday), 2008, considering the constraints of not being able
to attend 10 days course by professionals. .

Salient features:

1. Knowledge of Devanagari Script is not required.

2. Can learn Samskrit speaking in our neighborhood in just 2 days.

3. Families and neighbors attend and hence an opportunity to continue
it afterwards also.

4. Learning through games – learn while you play.

5. Learn while you eat also.

6. CD show during breaks.

7. Chart exhibition pertaining to Ancient Indian Contribution to

8. Exhibition of daily usage items with Samskrit names.

9. Book-stall for selling books/ CDs etc. in Samskrit.

10. On the spot registration for furthering the study (may be
correspondence etc.).

11. An opportunity to learn further (read and write) at neighborhood
if sufficient number of people (25 no.) are willing.

Learning Samskrita is as simple as saying A-U-M !

Kindly note:

Registration is first come, first serve basis.
Registration charges per person are – Rs. 200/- for adults and
Rs.100/- for children.
Limited 25 seats only.
Children can participate, if only parents participate.
Participants are expected to be present by 9.00AM on both days and are
required to be late in the evening.