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For learning Sanskrit language

Hi friends,

If you are interested to learn Sanskrit language please use the below mentioned links.

A Very good site for Text, songs, Vedeo to download and watch online:
http://sanskrit. sriaurobindoashr

saMprati vartaha Sruyamtaam
All India Radio’s daily news in Sanskrit can be listened from below link.
This would help in right pronunciation and increasing knowledge of spoken
http://sanskritdocu sanskritnews. html
http://girvanavani. googlepages. com/newsheadline s

Antarjaale labhya ekameva Samskruta dinapatrikaa! !
http://sudharma. epapertoday. com

Site to see various Kavya of Sanskrit, Both for download and read online.
example: Raghu Vamsam, Kumarasambhavam, Abhijnana Sakuntalam, etc.
http://www.vedamu. org/Sankrit/ sankritmain. asp


Many things related to Samskrit
http://opinion. currentsamachar. com/sanskritblog s.php

Learn Sanskrit through self study:
http://acharya. sanskrit/ tutor.html

Few valuable Sanskrit documents in different language:
http://sanskritdocu learning_ tools/learning_ tools.html
http://sanskritdocu news/

Distance education:
http://sanskrit. htm

distance education – samskrita-bharat
http://www.samskrit a-bharati. org/newsite/ index.php

Learn sanskrit – wikepedia
http://hi.wikibooks .org/wiki/ %E0%A4%A8% E0%A5%87% E0%A4%9F_ %E0%A4%AA% E0%A4%B0_ %E0%A4%B8% E0%A4%82% E0%A4%B8% E0%A5%8D% E0%A4%95% E0%A5%83% E0%A4%A4_ %E0%A4%AD% E0%A4%BE% E0%A4%B7% E0%A4%BE_ %E0%A4%B8% E0%A5%80% E0%A4%96% E0%A5%87% E0%A4%82

Many Good Audios (stroies) on Sanskrit:
http://www.umich. edu/~iinet/ csas/publication s/sanskrit/ audio.html

A Software on Sanskrit Grammar based on Panini’s Sutras
http://www.taralaba greetings. htm

cd quality stuff (Many good Bhajana and Songs in Sanskrit)
http://www.hummaa. com/music/ justarrived. php?pg=ja& lg=7&lc=& ps=0&mhrdwk= 1&rand=0. 5933028437082346

Samskrit Document:
http://www.mywhatev index.html

Sanskrit Translation Tools:
http://www.omkarana nda-ashram. org/Sanskrit/ Itranslt. html

Sanskrit in Computing:
http://bhashaindia. com/patrons/ Sanskrit/ computing. aspx

Learn Sanskrit Grammer:
http://www.warnemyr .com/skrgram/

Vedic Concordance – download
http://www.zinbun. jp/~mfujii/ tools.html# VedCon

Digital Library of India: dli.ernet. in/

scanned Sanskrit books
http://sanskritdocu scannedbooks/ SanskritIISc. html

Links at hindu wisdom (Saying of Big Personality regarding Sanskrit)-
http://www.hinduwis Sanskrit. htm

A Vedic Concordance
http://www.dslo. bloomsfield/ introeng. html

Sanskrit: The Mother of All Languages – Part I of III
http://www.thevedic foundation. org/valuable_ resources/ Sanskrit- The_Mother_ of_All_Languages _partI.htm

about paNiini
http://www-gap. Biographies/ Panini.html

Sanskrit & Artificial Intelligence — NASA
http://www.vtweb. com/gosai/ science/sanskrit -nasa.html

A Practical Sanskrit Introductory
http://www.danam. Sanskrit% 20Introductory/ Sanskrit% 20Introductory. html

The Paninian System of Sanskrit Grammar
http://www.sai. uni-heidelberg. de/~amishra/ index.html

sanskrit texts translated in english
http://www.sacred- hin/index. htm

upanishads, pa~ncadashi etc…
http://swami- krishnananda. org/index. html

Free Books on Yoga, Religion and Philosophy(bhagvadg iita transliterated &
http://www.dlshq. org/download/ download. htm

108 upanishads in sanskrit
http://www.gatewayf upanishad/ upanishads. htm

can purchase (translated) upanishads
http://www.advaitaa home.html

Learn step-by-step- Chitrapur Math
Here is an excellent source with pdf tutorials:
http://chitrapurmat step-by-step. htm

dramas in sanskrit – types etc.
http://www.geocitie 99/sankdram. htm

apte dictionary english to sanskrit
A very good site for those who want to know a sanskrit word for the given
english word.
follow the link.

http://www.sanskrit -lexicon. uni-koeln. de/aequery/ index.html

a link for all the sanskrit scanned books dli.ernet. in/

Sanskrit Classics for Free Download
Free download of Sanskrit Literature live Veda, Vedanga, Upaveda,
Ayurveda,… .

http://is1.mum. edu/vedicreserve /table_qualities .htm
http://is1.mum. edu/vedicreserve /index_of_ vedic_literature .htm

http://cs.annauniv. edu/insight/ insight/chhandas /index.htm
http://www.ibiblio. org/sripedia/ ebooks/vdesikan/ rps/chitra. html

for Sanskrit – English Dictionary use this link
http://www.sanskrit -lexicon. uni-koeln. de/mwquery/ index.html

Complete works of Adi Shankara

Texts with english translations too

Rig-Veda: Sanskrit Version
http://www.sacred- hin/rvsan/ index.htm

Audio download links for Rig Veda
http://www.gatewayf vedas/rigveda. html

The Paninian System of Sanskrit Grammar
http://www.sai. uni-heidelberg. de/~amishra/ lists/rules/ aaall_hk. html

Sanskrit songs
http://www.geetgang by/language/ sanskrit

Review:Nyayashastra praveshika
http://living. oneindia. in/home-n- garden/reviews/ nyayashastraprav eshika.html
durga shapta shati
http://sanskrit. Sanskrit. html#Saptashati

http://gitapress. org/Download_ Hin_pdf.htm

Sanskrit is an amazingly rich language
http://www.hinduwis Sanskrit. htm
http://sanskrit. pdf/raamakrshhna .pdf

Sanskrit to learn Sanskrit…. ……… .

http://www.ukindia. com/zip/zsan01. htm

http://www.word2wor html#sanskrit

Few more Sanskrut urls (Links):
http://www.vedamu. org/Sankrit/ sankritmain. asp
http://www.ourkarna learnsanskrit/ sanskrit_ main.htm
http://aa2411s. jp/~tjun/ sktdic/
http://www.alkhemy. com/sanskrit/ dict/
http://www.sanskrit -sanscrito. .html
http://www.chitrapu sanskrit/ sanskrit. asp
http://www.aczoom. com/itrans/ online/
http://sa.wikipedia .org/wiki/
http://acharya. sanskrit/ dictionary/
http://www.sanskrit About.htm
http://sanskrit. tools/learning_ tools.html
http://www.baraha. com/
http://www.uni- phil-fak/ indologie/ tamil/mwreport. html
http://www.samskrit abharati. org/
http://webapps. uni-koeln. de/tamil/
http://www.switzeri nstrument. com/Rajaji- Original/ Upanishads/ upanishad. htm
http://www.samskrta php
http://vedabase. net/en/

http://vedabase. net/sb/1/ 10/27/en
http://vedabase. net/cc/antya/ 8/32/en*http: //vedabase. net/sb/10/ 86/51/en
http://www.geocitie k_blr/Subhashita ni/index. html
http://www.sanskrit -sanscrito.
http://www.sanskrit htm
http://www.omkarana nda-ashram. org/Sanskrit/ vedicaccents. htm
http://www.omkarana nda-ashram. org/Sanskrit/ Itranslt. html