Mind Speaks – ADORE yourself

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Mind Speaks – ADORE yourself

Dear Friends,

Life within the 24 hours of each day is moving extremely fast. With the development works happening around and the increase in number of vehicles, it takes more time to move around. These are temporary obstacles and it will change for something new the next time we wake up. Happier as ever with each of the obstacles on my way as it evolve around surprisingly and as I convert them to a wonderful opportunity, I am taking you all today to a wonderful journey of thoughts named ADORE yourself.

What’s ADORE? It’s simple Addiction, Distraction, Opportunities, Routine and Energizing yourself.

Addiction: We are all prone to certain type of addictions, some of which are developed gradually. Smoking, drinking, are common and I am not touching them here as these are destructive addictions which one promotes knowing it’s dangers to our life. There are many other addictions or obsessions in our daily life. In my thesaurus of addictions there are many new additions recently – photography, pencil sketching, creative writing, and the list goes on.

There are many other addictions too, like calling friends and admirers daily or weekly. It may be a small thing when you look at it, but a casual call to regular contact to ask casually and check whether everything alright may help him to reach an entirely different world of comfort. It is an obsession which I am deliberately developing. May be some day, some where, I am able to help a friend when he is in need.

Another deliberate cultivation of addiction is developing my photographic skills. This obsession developed initially to promote positive thinking opportunities have now become a full time creative pursuit for me. To the extent, if I go without one of my camera, I feel like a solider without his gun. The transformation of moods to positive elements due to the utilisation of this creative activity is something which you have to try and experience.

Distractions: I think of my childhood days when I had to wait for a newsmagazine or an additional newspaper to read. Gone are those days. As THE NATIONAL newspaper here rightly advertise, some distractions are pleasant. For example, for a person like me who is always interested to read, there are many newspapers available. Starting with Gulf News, Khaleej Times, The National, Gulf Today, 7 Days, then the weekly news magazines from each one of them and then all the above and the regional news available online. All these caters to a variety of subjects and topics and it is just the question of a useful distraction which generates a healthy competition amongst the scribes directly to raise the level of contents and indirectly to the readers to improve their standards of reading and living.

Opportunities: I have been asked in the recent times by those who communicate with me about how do I find time for all these. It is very simple. Split all the activities into short and long term objectives. Utilise a small note and pen to list the things and thoughts you come across and have to do and then develop from there when you actually attempt your 5 or 10 minutes on any such task. You will find yourself with plenty of time to do several more things than you have been doing now.

Routine: Good upbringing is one value which I always promote amongst the future generation. Gone are the days when everyone has plenty of free time to work around his or her way out. It is therefore important for us to create an effective routine so that we tend to gain competency from each activity we attempt. It then becomes a stepping stone towards our progress. To all those who conveys the routine excuse of “No Time”, I have to say that you have plenty of time with you if you split your day into hours and minutes and tasks and attempt each one of them within a specified time frame. Use necessary common tools of reminder systems like paper and pencil and at every opportunity you improvise it with modern technology available and you will not be saddened by the result. Of course, it takes time to reach this stage. As you see yourself, all those achievers have done lot of efforts to enjoy their moment of glory. Examples are plenty. Amir Khan’s new look in Gajini movie, Madhavan Nair and his dedicated team members five years of hard work for the successful launch of Chandrayaan – 1 are some of them.

Energize yourself: Once a routine is set it is easier to energize yourself. Each day arrives with a new opportunity for us to live in this world. Why to waste this opportunity? Distracted you are in the morning with tie-knot not coming rightly, or with your son crying to pamper him or with your wife taking too much time with her make up? Divert your focus to a few minutes of different activity during this delay and refresh yourself and come back and see the result. A speed reading of the headlines or just setting up your table or even your suitcase or purse may help you to explore something new or a thing you may have forgotten to do. On the road, traffic is slow, someone is trying to push through, relax and listen to the radio and avoid getting in to confrontations. May be you can observe the world around – a new sign board or a new landmark coming up, the construction, the activities, the workers moods, there are so many to read through.

Or at work you have many distractions – a colleague or a manager’s bullying attitude, a non-paying customer or a difficult project to finalise. Work around it from a different angle and allow yourself of another distraction like a walk around to a different department or even to the walkway near your office. Play those unsolved puzzles in your mind and try reaching a solution. May be your ideas may take you through an easier route towards it.

Keep your short term and long term goals firm. Do not leave them but switch between them.

Refresh yourself by creative pursuits and revert back to your set goals and work on them.

ADORE yourself, and whatever you do. Once you start doing this you will realise how easy it is and how on earth you missed it all this time.

Happy Diwali and ADORE yourself and have a great week ahead.

Ramesh Menon