Delhi Private School to Distribute Books, Uniforms in Jute Bags from March

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Delhi Private School to Distribute Books, Uniforms in Jute Bags from March
Preeti Kannan for KHALEEJ TIMES

DUBAI – In an attempt to make the school premises a ‘no plastics zone’ by next year, Delhi Private School (DPS), Dubai plans to distribute books and uniforms in jute bags to its students.

Students will pick up their text books and uniforms in March, in colourful jute bags.

School authorities say the move is expected to stop the use of at least 5,000 plastic bags, which is now being used to hand out the school kit. “We intend to make the school a ‘no plastic zone’.

“We have been creating an awareness among the students on the need to stop using plastics,” Rashmi Nandkeolyar, principal of DPS, Dubai said.

“The bags can be re-used by the students to bring their books and also may be for shopping.”

The school will bear the cost of making the bags.

The initiative will cover over 5,000 children and parents. “Awareness of the environment needs to start at the grassroot level,” added Nandkeolyar.

The school is also planning to distribute its annual Year Book in newspaper jackets, collected year-round by students.

The students say they can help make a change in the environment by advocating the use of jute bags and hope the other schools would follow the pattern.

“We can make a lot of difference and ensure that our parents use them more frequently,” Shresht Prakash, a Grade VIII student from DPS, Dubai said.

“We have made T-shirts, created banners and put up skits on the need to protect the environment. My parents make sure that we use only paper bags back home.”

“All schools should try and phase out plastics as a first step,” Nikita Arora, a Grade XII of DPS, Dubai said.