On-the-Spot Fines for Flouting Traffic Rules from Next Week

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On-the-Spot Fines for Flouting Traffic Rules from Next Week
Amira Agarib KHALEEJ TIMES 15 October 2008

DUBAI – From next week, motorists not maintaining safe distances between vehicles on highways, obstructing traffic and hiding number plates with posters will be fined on the spot, Mohammed Saif Al Zafin, Director of the General Department of Traffic, Dubai Police, told Khaleej Times on Tuesday.

He said all traffic police in the emirate have been alerted to fine motorists violating these traffic rules and issue them fines on the spot.

A driver who obstructs traffic by driving slowly on the fast lane would also be fined. The motorist who hides the vehicle number plates with posters or stickers will be fined Dh200 and one black point will be recorded against him, said Al Zafin, refusing to give details about the fines for other violations.

He said a campaign to raise awareness among both light and heavy vehicle drivers will be launched next week.

He said this when this reporter contacted him for comments on Tuesday’s traffic accident on Emirates Road which held up traffic in the morning for several hours. Several office-goers complained that they reached their workplaces late due to the traffic jam after a truck overturned around 7.30am on Emirates Road. The driver lost control over the truck which deviated from the lane suddenly and overturned.

The driver suffered moderate injuries and was rushed to the hospital.

Al Zafin said the Traffic Department would hold a meeting with drivers of heavy trucks in November to brief them on the strict measures that would be taken by the police against them who cause traffic obstruction and endanger people’s lives.

He said the department is monitoring the movement of heavy trucks and has increased the number of radars on highways.

He said during a campaign organised to control heavy trucks early this month, the police observed that drivers of such trucks commit a large number of violations, especially regarding tyre specifications.

The police impounded 50 heavy trucks in a month and fined each driver Dh500 in a month.

He said drivers of heavy trucks are using counterfeit and cheap tyres which may lead to accidents like overturning that could be fatal even for other road users.

Trucks also do not abide by the specified load limit. Al Zafin said overloading would invite a fine of Dh3,000 and 12 black points against the driver.

Some owners of heavy trucks have contacted the department, saying they would incur heavy losses if their trucks are impounded or drivers fined.

The department would hold a meeting with truck owners to explain the department’s strategy to reduce traffic rule violations and accidents.

The importance of using good tyres would be highlighted. He called on the truck owners to instruct the drivers to comply with the speed limit and not overtake dangerously.