Mind Speaks – Unsung heroes and untimely aggressions

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Mind Speaks – Unsung heroes and untimely aggressions

A hectic week-end as usual and a festive Friday following it. Due to the holy month of Ramadan many malayalee associations in gulf region could not celebrate their Onam programmes and lunch normally held on the Friday nearer to the Onam day. In most places it was held during the last weekend. I was lucky to attend one such event very well organised by the Kerala Social Centre this afternoon. The planning, hard work and effort required to conduct such an event successfully is enormous and really appreciate the thankless job done by many of it’s office bearers and volunteers.

This brings to me the point of team work and efforts required for the success of such events. Many times we get to see programmes being held successfully. From the initial stage of planning to preparation and then the final run, many get involved in it and execute their role effectively and effortlessly for the final section where the actual event happens live. During such occasions, only those who present in the final section gets kudos and appreciation. Those who worked day and night tend to get forgotten. It may not be the case everywhere but certainly in some cases it is the case. So let me take this opportunity to congratulate and praise all those members, especially the ladies who came and cut the vegetables and all those members who stayed overnight and assisted in completing a sumptuous and delicious Onam lunch.

Cricket is one thing which is followed by many and I too watch the game, although not much, for the interest and opportunity it gives to learn and observe how these players tackle the problems on and off the field. The current test match is one which is not very significant due to the form of the players. The Australian touring side is not venomous as they are normally. However, they are still showing their superior player management capabilities. The first innings saw Australia taking advantage and the second innings is currently on and India struggling to raise to the victory target. What interested me was the way Harbhajan Singh batted. With the ball, he was not lucky and got only 1 wicket in the first innings. But, when it came to his batting, he did show lots of courage and determination and proved a point or two to many. It was obvious from his expressions of joy when he hit the bowler over the top for an excellent four and reached his fifty and raised his hands with punch. I am sure he had several messages conveyed in those expression especially a few to Sreesanth. Where is our hero now? I did manage to search the youtube, and he did not let me down there with a latest performance video of him for a party. Vow, a fast bowler who can dance well. Or it should have been the other way – a dancer who can bowl fast? If that was the case, the money that flowed after him would obviously not be there. Pocket full of cash and personal business opportunities, and an aggression or two without conviction and prudence has sidelined him from many of the matches that followed after the slap gate incident with Harbhajan. Justifications are that he is injured and cannot play, but these on and off appearances in the party circles and doing difficult steps conveys that there may be other reasons too. I was reading an article in which Mahindra Singh Dhoni was expressing his comments about his wish to have a good bowler who bowls according to the captains plans. Being an enthusiastic percussion instrument player, I was also thinking of a scenario where a percussion player goes overboard and overtakes a lead singer through his exuberance. Time is running out of him to gain back his fitness problems or whatever it is and restrict his tantrums on and off field to gain the national cap and I wish the aggressive attitude in him will power him to do so within the near future.

One other thing which is really worrying me is the driving attitude on the road. I am on a crusade to create an awareness to all around the dangers of fast driving. It is not that they do not know, but somehow a rush of blood is making some drivers crazy behind the steering. There is not much difference to what Sreesanth did and what these drivers are doing on the road – it’s only untimely expression of aggressions. The end-result is self destruction.

A small step each day towards this campaign is what I am doing right now. At least one life I can save, I am more than happy and contended.

Wishing you all an enjoyable working week.

Ramesh Menon

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    October 13, 2008 at 11:57 am

    Dear Mr. Menon, Congratulations and thank you for writing a very good message, and eye-opener for all. I appreciate the lucid, simple and beautiful language you used in expressing such useful subjects. I wish you continue with this for the benefit of all Gulf Malayalis. Regards,

    Message from :OPR-Jeddah