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Dear Friends and Dear Parents,

Welcome to TALENT SHARE blog site.

Children are our future and any attempt to bolster their talents will never be wasted. I find many opportunities available for children who pursue cultural talents like Dance, Music, etc and also for those who are interested in sports capabilities. All of them have plenty of venues to exhibit and excel in their interesting field.

Talent doesn’t end there. There are some un-sung little heroes left un-attended. Those who find letters, words and sentences more attractive than every one else. Or those who find lines, strokes and colours more attractive than words and letters. They live in a different world and it is our responsibility to nurture their talents too.

With this view in mind, and with the encouragement obtained by the recently concluded TALENT SHARE 2008 Online competition, we present to you on behalf of Team 1 Dubai and Athaani blogspots, TALENT SHARE, a blog purely dedicated to promote creative talents.

It is simple and easy to exhibit your creative works in this blog site. All rules and regulations are clearly drafted with absolute transparency in selection procedures. All participants will get an attractive participation certificate and periodical winners will get suitable rewards, wherever they are located globally.

It does not end here. This is also an opportunity for all arts, crafts and literary teachers to exhibit their individual works of excellence. Do not waste this opportunity. Utilise it and SHARE your talents.

So, why waste time? See what your child has in store in his little mind. From our side, we will regularly update both the websites with guidance notes and assistance material to develop these talents. All the entries received will be posted online for the whole world to notice your child’s creative talent.

Remember, creativity is immortal. An article or a creative posts of your child submitted online is life long. I believe it is my share of responsibility to promote talent. It will be your share too, if you acknowledge it and support us to obtain at least one entry for this global competition. This is a global invitation and please therefore send this to all your friends and well wishers and help us to get maximum participation for this initiative. There is no space/time barriers.

Looking forward,

Ramesh Menon

http://www.team1udbai.blogspot.com/ http://www.athaani.blogspot.com/
e-mail: team1dubai@gmail.com