Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3 to Open on October 14

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Dubai Airport’s Terminal 3 to Open on October 14
6 October 2008 KHALEEJ TIMES
DUBAI — Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3 is ready to be opened on October 14 after trials successfully concluded recently.

The third and final operational simulation involving 3,800 volunteers tested both the arrival, departure and transit facilities.

The opening of the terminal, which is dedicated to Emirates, will now begin in four phases from October 14. The phased opening aims to ensure that systems and processes are all in place and thoroughly tested.

Dubai Airports has had input from more than 8,000 enthusiastic members of the public participating in the three major airport simulations over the last few months.

The three exercises also served as useful experiences for the many thousands of staff from the companies and government agencies who will work at the facility, enabling them to familiarise themselves with the operation of the new terminal in an environment which was close to an everyday operation at the airport.

Terminal 3 and its airside facilities at Dubai International aims to not only boost the capacity of the airport to an annual figure of over 60 million passengers, but provide quality to customer service which will enable Emirates and Dubai Airports to attract a significant number of new travellers to Dubai over the next few years