Abu Dhabi and Dubai pass on Sharjah visa rule

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Abu Dhabi and Dubai pass on Sharjah visa rule
By Anjana Sankar, Senior Reporter GULF NEWS Published: August 11, 2008, 23:23

Dubai: Dubai and Abu Dhabi will not follow suit with Sharjah to make tenancy contracts a pre-requisite to get residency permits for families, officials have confirmed.

Brigadier Obaid Bin Surour, Acting Director of Dubai Naturalisation and Residency Department said there is no need to submit tenancy contracts while applying for family visas in Dubai.

“We are getting queries from people. But we are not introducing any changes to the existing rule. There is no need to state where you are staying while applying for a visa,” said Bin Surour.

An official at the Ministry of Interior confirmed that Abu Dhabi will not be introducing the regulation either.

Sharjah introduced the new regulation beginning this month according to which applicants of family visa should produce attested copies of tenancy contracts in their own names of in a close relative’s name.

The move is to curb the practice of illegal shared accommodation and to ensure that only those who can afford to house their families in decent accommodations are given the residency permits.

Lieutenant Colonel Salim Ali Mazaini, Head of visa section at the Sharjah Naturalisation and Residency Department clarified that those who are residing outside the emirate can provide tenancy contracts from the respective emirate they are staying.

Those living in company accommodations can also submit tenancy contracts in their employer’s name.