Master Vidyuth Menon – A REAL Talent from Bahrain

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AMRITA TV Super dancer Junior Final Five contestant – Master Vidyuth Menon

How many of you can forget the always smiling little boy who came to perform in the recently concluded Super Dancer Junior show of Amrita TV?. How many of you can forget his innocent replies complementing his mother and grandmother for his beautiful costume selection and hair style. How may of you can forget a boy studying and living in Bahrain expressing his liking for Kanji and Payaru?. It is none other than Master Vidyuth Menon from Bahrain about whom I am writing today.

Many of us were shocked beyond imagination when this little champion was voted out from the Final 5 of the Super Dancer Junior competition for the Final 3. Master Vidyuth was not selected for the Final 3!!! It was utter dismay and disbelief as he was progressing from one round of performance to the next extremely well and giving us an almost flawless performance which we all expected from the contestant of such a Reality Show. That was history – of course man made.

Out of passion to find out the realities of these little children after participating in such reality shows and also as part of my TQM process to see it that these children are not lifted and left down half-way, I approached Master Vidyuth and his family for a brief session and present it to you as it is:

Greetings to you Vidyuth. You have been one of the contestants of the recently concluded Super Dancer Junior programme conducted by Amrita TV. Participating in a talent hunt show of this calibre to find out the best amongst children of your age, it gave a feast to all the viewers and the contestants. It is the same interest of the viewers that made me now approach you for a brief and casual talk to find how your progress is after the post-elimination from this show.

1. Vidyuth, congratulations for participating in the Super Dancer Junior Competition and getting selected to the top 5 level. Your elimination was a shock news for many of your fans. Tell me, how did you hear about this programme?

Hi all… Thanks a lot for including me in this focus. In fact I was so keen on watching Super Star Junior and Super Dancer shows. After watching the advertisement in ATV, my parents enrolled my name.

2. How did you find the different stages of the competition? Particularly on the challenges thrown to you to perform non-conventional rounds.

Though it was very tough, I was enjoying each round of the competition. Classical round and folk round was very new to me and I had to really work hard for those segments. My mother is a trained classical dancer. But as she was busy with my costumes and other work, Sajna Najam (Sajna aunty) helped me in classical round. Myself and aunty became very close in that short period.

3. Who is your Guru? Could you please give us an idea how you went about preparing for each round.

Mr. Jyothiraj (Bahrain) is my master in western dance. He was so thrilled when I got selected and even accompanied me to Trivandrum. At Trivandrum I had Sajeesh master (foot loosers) to train me. Shaine sir and Baby Shivaram also helped me in one round each. My mother is my inspiration & was there with me for every thing; she gave me tips on improving my facial expressions and even helped me to improve my performances.

We had minimum four dances in each rounds. After one shoot we hardly get two days to rest. I used to have classes till late night. It was a bit tough but novel & nice experience. Learning from different choreographers helped me to improve my style.

4. How was the support given by the Amrita TV channel in terms of co-ordination and arrangements for contestants like you, especially since you were not from Trivandrum and based outside India.

The support given by the channel was very minimal. Not that they didn’t support us at all. Even the song selections were done by my mother and my master. They used to give us the next round. About money and things.. I am not aware of it but, my mum tells me that they give very little for the preparation of each dance. Very good support was given by the Amrita make up team. My hair style was done by my mother herself.

5. How do you rate the grooming sessions before each stage of this competition? Did you all get sufficient notification about each stage and also did you get sufficient guidance about how your performance should be for each one of them?

We didn’t have much grooming sessions (for dance) except from Mrs. Vimala Menon and Aravind chetan. I wished to have one from Kalamaster but we never got & I am so sad about it.
Kalamandalam and SOS village visits were unforgettable ones in my grooming sessions. SOS village visit had a very strong impact on my mind. I wish I should do something for them when I grow up.

6. How do you rate the other contestants who participated along with you? Did you all get along well?

All 15 are very good dancers. Of course we had a great time there. I enjoyed their friendship very well. Now, since I am at Bahrain I will be visiting TVM during my next vacation to see all my SDJ friends. My mother keeps in touch with almost everyone through sms or phone calls.

7. Was there any stress on you with regards to the SMS votes / campaign which was a part of the requirement for getting through to the next level in each stage? How did you work on this, especially in your case, being from an ordinary family compared to the other rich contestants?

Frankly speaking I didn’t have much stress with regard to the sms votes as I always used to be in safe zone until the semi final round. I was very confident that I was getting many votes from Bahrain (which made amrita channel to include vodafone voting too from Bahrain after one month of my participation)

May be my parents experienced the stress regarding sms votes. They kept my posters all over the state(tvm, calicut, ekm, mankombu etc) My uncle (venumama), and my grand father introduced me to each and every shops and offices in tvm & calicut and requested them to see my dance and send sms for me. I did request people to vote for me while travelling in train or bus too. It was so embarrassing to ask people who never had heard about such a show to vote for me. How can you rate a participant from such votes? Anyway I use this opportunity to thank all my well wishers, friends & relatives for giving me their love and support through out the show. They are my strength.

8. What do you rate amongst the various stages for this particular competition as the toughest round? What was the reason that made you say this particular round as very challenging?

In my case free round (where I did Krishna – Asura dance) was very challenging because that dance had duel personality and it was really difficult for me. As my master’s wife was sick he had to teach me the whole dance in one (prior to the shoot) day. I still remember after the performance that I burst into tears. I tried to give variety performance in all my dances. I never got this exposure in my life before and I thank Amrita TV for that. My parents used to tell me that people should remember my name with my performances and not just as a participant or winner, and I tried my very best to fulfil this.

9. Looking back at this competition after elimination, do you feel, the stages set were tough or that you could have performed well in those?

I could have performed well in classical and album rounds. It was really tough to learn four or five dances in a span of ten days. Still it was a great & challenging experience and it helped me to build up my confidence in life. I don’t think the stages set were tough but the time limit was not enough and the over strain made many of us sick during the shoot.

10. How often you give performances? How many hours normally you practise?

I do not practice one full dance daily, but I do at least five steps everyday in front of my mirror. Now I perform with a professional group (THE RAPCITY BOYS, Bahrain), which is lead by my master Mr. Jyothiraj. Now I am more interested in learning difficult jumps, waves and such kind of things. I do watch Jaykumar’s dance (boogie woogie fame) in my phone and try to attempt his steps.

11. Other than dance, are you learning any musical instruments or any other extra-curricular activities?

Yes I learn violin, interested in singing and drawing and I am very much in to sports especially cricket, basket ball and foot ball. In school I won prizes for English poem recitation, dance and fancy-dress for many years. I am very active in Bahrain Keralyeeya Samajam youth festival for the past 6 years and won ‘GROUP CHAMPION’ award in 2005 and became ‘KALAPRATHIBHA’ in 2007.


12. I understand you are good at studies. Tell me something about your activities other than those involved with dance.

Though I am not trained in music I like to sing Tamil and Hindi songs. Other than this I spend time in computer games, game boy and play station. Watching Mr. Bean and Jackie Chan movies are my pass-time hobbies.

13. Which grade/school you are attending and what was the reaction from the school, your friends and well wishers when they came to know about your participation in Super Dancer Junior?

I was studying in 5th STD (Asian school, Bahrain) when I got selected for super dancer junior. It was a pleasant surprise for my friends and teachers. My head teacher used to announce my voting format in the school everyday. My teachers helped me by sending notes to Tvm. I thank my school Principal Mr. Joseph Thomas, vice Principal Mrs. Thomas, head teacher Mrs. Molly mammen, co-ordinator Mrs. Rebeiro , and all my teachers and friends for supporting me.

14. Did you get any support/recognition from any associations or any other news media channels for your excellent performance in this competition?

The Indian club, The Bahrain Keraleeya Samajam and Fraternity Of Cochin (Bahrain) were the three associations who felicitated me with mementos. I got a chance to perform in front of the ruling family members of Bahrain. After the dances they called me near them and shook hands with me. I got a special gift from one of the sheikhas and that was a thrilling and unforgettable moment.


15. Who is your favourite Dancer? And who else do you like to follow closely from this field?

Lawrence, Prabhu Deva and Hrithik Roshan are my favourite dancers.

16. What are your future plans? What do you want to become – other than a Dancer?

I don’t have any plans right now. My parents don’t insist on anything. They say that whatever you do it should be done with perfection and aim to achieve the goal. Studies come first so I am fully involved in studies now.

17. Do you get noticed when you travel within Kerala/outside Kerala after participation in this show. How do you handle this popularity / recognition/encouragements?

Certainly, people do recognise me after my participation in this show. I love being loved by the people especially the strangers and passer-by. I never knew and expected that people love me this much and that is a great honour you could ever receive than winning any titlest.

18. Tell me anything additional you want to include here.

Looking back at the SDJ participation, I am so lucky to be one among them and for this I am so very thankful to God first and secondly to my parents & grand parents. My mum, Priya, being a teacher in Bahrain, sacrificed her profession and was there with me for the entire show. My dad, Arun, encouraged me through phone calls; my both grand mothers were there in Tvm throughout to help us leaving out their chores. One thing I have to remind others is that “if there is a will there is a way”.

You may contact Master Vidyuth Menon on the following:

Cell Phone No : +973 36200910

Vidyuth Menon with his parents

Age & DOB: 10Yrs. 30-05-1997

Father’s name & occupation: Mr. Arunkumar, Chief accountant, Manamma, Bharain

Mother’s name & occupation: Mrs. Priya Arun
Teacher (British Senior Section), Al-Noor
International School, Bahrain

Residence address: Aathira, Mankavu (P.O), Calicut -7, (Kozhikode -7)

School: The Asian School, Bahrain

Passions or hobbies:

Dancing, Singing, Drawing cartppm charactors, Cricket, Foot ball

Choreographer’s Name: Mr. Jyothi Raj (Bahrain), Mrs. Priya Arun (Mother)

Now let us see some of his performances:

Vidyuth’s performance at Indian club, Bahrain

Vidyuth with Rapcity Boys, Bahrain

Vidyuth’s western dance

Vidyuth pair with swathi

Vidyuth property round for Amrita TV Super Dancer Junior

Other performances:

I sincerely wish this young boy a bright academic and artistic future.

Ramesh Menon

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    bansuri.. said:
    July 5, 2008 at 1:43 am

    Thank u for this very nice interview…Vidyuth is a talented boy..and good that he takes even his elimination with a very positive attitude… Let no foul play affect such good talents…

    ASHOK said:
    July 6, 2008 at 6:47 am

    exllnt performance. keep it up
    i wish you all success my dear boy


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    TEL: +973 39867016

    Q4music said:
    July 6, 2008 at 7:58 am

    Prof. BR Natarajan

    Q4music said:
    July 6, 2008 at 7:59 am

    Master Vidyuth was full of energy and innocence…..


    Q4music said:
    July 6, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Very talented.

    Bindu Ajay
    Abu Dhabi

    Ajith Nair said:
    July 7, 2008 at 1:46 pm

    waw it was soo good really amazing i like it !!! Welle done ! Perfect dances ! Keep it up Vidyuth ! Très bien <== means really good in french ....hihi

    Ajith Nair said:
    July 7, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    waw it was soo good really amazing i like it !!! Welle done ! Perfect dances ! Keep it Vidyuth! Très bien <== means really good in french hihi

    Ajith Nair said:
    July 7, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    waw!!!! it was soo good really amazing i like it !!! Welle done ! Perfect dances ! Keep it up Vidyuth! Très bien <== means really good in french hihi

    Anju Doney Mathew said:
    July 8, 2008 at 5:45 am

    Encouraging!!!!Gud effort!!!!But some of the videos are not working!!All the best for the little wonder….

    Ajay Nair said:
    July 8, 2008 at 4:00 pm


    A very good interview…..
    He took the elimination from the SDJ in a sporting spirit…All the best my dear….Sky is the limit for you……A true champion….God bless you….

    Ajay P. Nair

    Ajay Nair said:
    July 8, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    Very good interview…..
    Nice to hear that Vidyuth took the elimination from SDJ in a sporting manner…….All the best for Vidyuth…..Sky is the limit for you….God bless you…

    Ajay P. Nair