Obituary – Korumbu Subramanian Nampoothiri

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I have to pass on an obituary news here. It’s related to a veteran from the field of music. Sri Korumbu Subramanian Nampoothiri (76), a veteran mridangam teacher passed away yesterday. A visionary in the field of teaching classical percussion instruments, he struggled in his earlier stages and with sheer devotion and dedication, used to combine his profession as a priest at the famous Peruvanam temple, Cherpu and during the spare time go by walking to distant places to teach mridangam to his students. Later on he started the concept of Mridangamela, which was very unique and this has been a regular programme at various temple festivals and even during the 50th birhtday of Guru Sri Sri Ravishankar.

More about him can be read by visiting the following links and I take this opportunity to offer my pranams to his departed soul.