Rash drivers get hefty fines as tough law takes effect

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Rash drivers get hefty fines as tough law takes effect
By Bassam Za’za’, Senior Reporter GULF NEWS Published: March 24, 2008, 00:43

Dubai: A reckless motorist caught drink-driving in the early hours of March 1 has become the first person to be sentenced in Dubai under the updated traffic law, which came into force the day he was caught.

The Dubai Traffic Court of First Instance gave the 34-year-old Emirati motorist a hefty Dh20,000 fine for reckless and drunk driving and jumping a red light.

The same court fined a 30-year-old female flight attendant from former Yugoslavia Dh10,000 for driving her car under the influence of liquor.

A similar fine (Dh10,000) was given to a 50-year-old Pakistani driver who was also found guilty of jumping a red signal when he drove his car inattentively and under the influence of alcohol.

“These rulings are considered the first amongst others verdicts to be handed down by the Traffic Court in Dubai since the updated traffic law came into effect as of March 1. We will be appealing these rulings to the Dubai Court of Appeal and ask for the implementation of the toughest punishments applicable under the newly revised law,” Salah Bu Farousha, the Head of Dubai’s Traffic Public Prosecution told Gulf News on Sunday.

The newly-amended Federal Law No. 12 (2007) came into effect on March 1 at midnight and at 4am the 34-year-old driver crashed into another vehicle after he jumped a red light under the influence of alcohol.

The court seized his driving licence for three months. He was also fined Dh500 for tinting his car windows 50 per cent. He confessed to the charges and asked for leniency.

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