Diversity in All Its Diversity Conference

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Diversity in All Its Diversity Conference

The Diversity in All Its Diversity Conference, was organized by Université Total on October 9, is now available in english and french versions.The synthesis of the Diversity in All Its Diversity Conference, organized by Université Total in 9th October.

The all-day event focused on three central diversity challenges: hiring more women, hiring more non-French people and integrating new recruits.

Open to both employees and the public, the conference attracted a number of representatives of other companies, such as Catalyst Europe AG, Microsoft, Vedior France, Communication et Systèmes, as well as Total managers wishing to share their diversity experiences and objectives.

To offer a broader viewpoint and suggest different approaches, researchers and academics also provided historical, social and economic insights on the various aspects of diversity. Dominique Méda, philosopher and sociologist, gave a comparative analysis of the role of women in the economies of the world’s major regions. Françoise Héritier, professor at Collège de France, spoke on the anthropological origins of gender inequality. Suzanne Berger, professor at MIT, addressed the issue of new managerial responsibilities required by globalization.

Shashi Tharoor, diplomat, writer and former Under-Secretary-General of the UN, shared his views on plurality and identity as illustrated by the case of India. Christophe de Margerie delivered the closing remarks for the conference.

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