Four-and-half-year old hits karting track

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Four-and-half-year old hits karting track
23 Dec 2007, 1914 hrs IST,PTI
CHENNAI: Karoon Murthy is just four-and-a-half years old but he is already blazing the karting tracks, which could possibly make him India’s youngest go-karter.

The UKG student, though cannot race in competitions till he is seven, he is racing here and in Bangalore on adult karts and is giving his elder competitors a run for their money.

Karoon probable has it in his genes, being the son of Kaushik Murthy, three time former national biking champion for TVS.

“Karoon was racing on battery karts since he was two-and-half years. Now he has begun to race on adult karts, which even many adults find difficult to race on,” says Kaushik.

A video of the child racing against a 13-year-old on a Karting track shows his potential. Not only does Karoon take the corners flawlessly but also races his elder competitor easily.

The third generation racer from the family, Karoon, a student at GRT School here, would also begin training in motor racing. Kaushk recently imported a Ninja racing bike for Karoon for this purpose.

“I plan to train him professionally. There is no one who can do both kinds of racing — car and bikes. We hope that he will be able to do both. He will start training on the bike at the Irungattukottai tracks soon,” he said.

Kaushk, who runs a team of professional stunters here called ‘Angels Racing’ and another team in Bangalore ‘Grips Racing’, says he was working on a training modules for Karoon.

“Akbar Ibrahim was my coach. We will put Karoon under his management once he starts racing. He knows what is best,” he says.

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