Reckless motorists ‘will be forced to clean roads’

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Reckless motorists ‘will be forced to clean roads’
WAM Published: December 09, 2007, 23:20

Abu Dhabi: Stunt drivers and motorists who violate road manners in Abu Dhabi will be punished by being forced to clean the roads and school for 48 hours in addition to one week behind the bars, an Interior Ministry official said yesterday.

Brigadier Nasser Al Nuaimi, Director General of the Interior Minister’s office, revealed Abu Dhabi Police would crackdown on violators who abuse the roads and obligate them to work for two days in cleaning up the schools and roads.

The decision, which took effect on Sunday, aims to intensify punitive measures against offenders who drive dangerously and recklessly with no respect to safety.

“Although we appreciate the public celebrations of national and religious holidays, that does not mean people can take this as a chance to break the law, endanger their lives and those of others, breech the privacy of road users and tarnish the image of the UAE,” Brigadier Al Nuaimi said.

He warned against negligence of public safety, which will be monitored by a team of security men, who will be assigned to cover all parts of the city including roads and public places, to put an end to this menace.


Al Nuaimi said an awareness campaign would shortly be launched to raise awareness among the public about the security, health and cultural dangers of such practices and their negative impacts on the nation.

The decision came in the wake of violations committed during the National Day celebrations, as some drivers were caught driving recklessly, making loud noises and using firecrackers.

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