Majority of residents suffer spine problems

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Majority of residents suffer spine problems

By Dina El Shamma, Staff Reporter GULF NEWS
Published: November 14, 2007, 00:18

Abu Dhabi: More than 60 per cent of the UAE population suffers from spine-related problems and majority are unaware of the condition, according to an expert.

Dr Aslam Khan, Founder of Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT), told Gulf News that structural disorders and spinal problems are a growing concern that have been left ignored or undetected by a large number of people throughout the UAE; and if detected is usually treated via surgical procedures which he found to be unnecessary through his research.

“In many cases, people may have their whole nervous system partially shut down and not be aware of it or revert to surgery. KKT research involves acoustics of sound with specific treatments and angels and we are currently reverting to biosynthesis by measuring the DNA level and allowing KKT regenerate damaged tissues in the body,” said Khan.
KKT spinal treatment is a refined non-invasive procedure, utilising sound waves to address the core spinal distortions and disturbances.

The procedure takes a couple of minutes. It involves lying on a KKT table with a device placed on the precise region of the spine, sound waves are then applied to the spine, waves reposition vertebrae and the entire body is re-positioned. Healthy blood flow is restored to the brain and neural communication is re-established.

Dr Khan said the treatment is now available in the UAE at a KKT centre he opened with Emirati doctor Omar Salem.

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