Abu Dhabi diverts flights after thick blanket of fog reduces visibility

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Abu Dhabi diverts flights after thick blanket of fog reduces visibility By Binsal Abdul Kader and Rayeesa Absal, Staff Reporters GULF NEWS
Published: November 13, 2007, 22:04

Abu Dhabi: Thick fog covered the skies of the capital city yesterday morning, significantly affecting visibility of road users.

However, no serious accidents were reported, according to traffic officials.

Abu Dhabi airport diverted five flights to Al Ain and Muscat airports.

Meteorological Department told Gulf News that heavy fog is expected today morning also.

“The visibility was reduced to about 50 metres in the city, the surrounding areas and the south west desert in the morning,” said forecaster Mohammad Al Tal.

“The fog did not affect other emirates where the visibility was about 4,000 metres.”

Al Tal forecasted fog in Abu Dhabi today morning, but said the visibility will be better at about 1,000 metres. He said the fog was brought about by regular weather change in November.

Minor accidents

The Abu Dhabi Police Traffic department said three accidents took place yesterday.

“The accidents were minor ones, but the main issue was slowing down of traffic on most of the roads,” said Colonel Hamad Adil Al Shamsi, Head of the Department of Traffic and Patrol Police.

Urging motorists to exercise caution, especially during peak hours, Col Al Shamsi asked them to avoid using hazard lights.

“People commonly use the hazard lights during foggy weather, this should be avoided. Instead, Headlights should be switched on.”

“Though the fog affects the visibility, it is careless driving by certain drivers that result in accidents,” he added.

He also advised drivers to slow down and maintain safe distance between vehicles to avoid accidents.

Commuters were also surprised by the thick fog cover in the morning and were late to office.

“It took me one hour to reach the city from Mussafah instead of half-an-hour,” said motorist Mohammad Ayoob.

About Five flights to Abu Dhabi Airport were diverted to Al Ain and Muscat airports due to bad weather conditions, Abu Dhabi Airports company told Gulf News.

While flights from Paris (EY038), Cochin (EY280), Brussels (EY056) and Bahrain (EY370) were diverted to Al Ain, a flight from Chittagong (BBC027) was diverted to Muscat, said a statement.

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