Mind speaks – Lack of agression = Indian Cricket & Chak De Indian Hockey

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We dream of several things, plan and work on them and at times unknown hands come and play unexpected things, which turn the life upside down. We get bogged down by the event, and then never comes out of it and continues with the empathy and trauma associated with it for the rest of the life.

Lack of aggression = Indian cricket

Welcome to read through the Mind Speaking column from Team 1 news. This is what happened for the Indian Cricket Team at the Lord’s cricket ground yesterday. If you have read through my previous posting before the match, I had cautioned about 12 pairs of safe hands for the Indian team. Strangely, when all the 11 pairs of hands of the Indian team members worked safely in favour of the team, the most crucial pair – of the Umpire, worked against the team. Not once, but twice. It was more than enough for the team, and they never came out of it. One over of the match where Yuvraj Singh was playing was enough to project the mentality of the team, there was no power in his shots, no ambition and no aggressiveness. From nowhere, they created a cricketing icon of Dimitri Masceranhas, who walked away with 3 wickets and minimum runs against him. It’s a shame that we didn’t play aggressive cricket. I didn’t sit to see the match in full. I am sure many others. No wonder, Shasi Tharoor wrote in his weekly write up with the Times news column that he wasted five valuable days of his life watching the final test India played against England.

Callous journalism and Teaching Profession

It was really shocking to read the news report about a teacher Mrs. Uma Khurana arrested in Delhi for molesting girl students is all cooked up and fabricated in order to get a break through for an upcoming journalism student. This is hugely deplorable for all from the journalist community and also from the teaching. Teaching is a noble profession, and those who take up teaching does it with due diligence and respect for the profession. Except for some, who takes undue advantage by prompting students to join for tuition or take extra money from them for the same. These are all one off cases. But, when we compare the actual scenario happening in the Teaching profession, we will realise the bigger gap between Teaching and other profession. If we take up the Professional educational colleges and the remunerations earned by Teaching staff there and that of the start up salary offered to a student passing out by them from Industry leaders who come for campus recruitment, we will realise the financial disparity that is being followed these days. If we get a little deeper, we will then realise what is offered to the Professors and Teachers who are supposed to bring out the future generation. This situation happens not only in India but here in the Middle East as well, where a teacher’s salary is almost the same as that of a house maid. No wonder, children now show scant respect towards their teachers who are at mercy and think many times to raise their fingers against those mischievous ones.

The above story also raises a question or two about the speed with which the communication media operates these days. There is no time for a second level authenticity checking or many ignores it in the rush to spread hot news.

As usual, I know we all like to not respond and close our eyes to realities as long as it doesn’t affect us.

Chak De Indian Hockey

Whether it is Chak De effect or not, Indian Hockey is doing extremely well. I congratulate the Indian Hockey Team on their victory in Asia Cup Hockey tournament. I wish Indian Cricket team members also get to play 15 minutes of hockey during their training session, they will realise what it means to be staying fit in sports. Here is the latest from the Hockey field:

Chennai: Goals rained as hosts India on Sunday thrashed Asian Games champions Korea 7-2 to win the Asia Cup final here. Defending champions India on Sunday retained the BSNL Asia Cup, defeating Asian Games hockey champions 7-2 in the final in Chennai.

India led 3-1 at the lemon break. India’s scorers were Prabhjot Singh (3), Rajpal Singh, Shivendra Singh, SV Sunil and Roshan Minz. Oh Dae Keun and Jang Jong Hyun pulled back one each for the losers.

God bless and have a great week ahead.

Ramesh Menon

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