1.5 crore house waiting for you and Team India’s day out

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1.5 crore house waiting for you
I have always tried to promote sports other than cricket whenever there is an opportunity. Now, there is one and any one of you can take it. It’s just simple, win an Olympic Gold medal for India. However, the offer is extended only to players from Kerala and this house is given by Trinity Builders.

I am sure other state governments will follow Kerala Government’s initiative, which will encourage our non-cricket sports person to perform better.

RIL buys GAPCO to flag off its African safari
Reliance Industries (RIL) has agreed to buy a clutch of fuel stations and storage facilities in one of the fastest growing regions in Africa, in an attempt to build a complete business chain from refineries to fuel stations in overseas markets.

Team India’s day out

Saturday, 8th September 2007 is going to be a special day for Indian Cricket. It is a day of opportunity to create history. India is going to play England on this day for the 7th and final one day match the Lord’s Cricket ground in England. Considered to be the most privileged ground, it is the dream of all cricket lovers to come and watch a game here. So, you can imagine the state of mind of the players who dream of playing here and create history here. The Indian team, after their sensational 6th match victory should be on a high moral.

Saurav Ganguly and Sachin Tendulkar are in good form. The opening combination should not be changed. It is a great occasion for Sachin to end this match with a good score, a century within less number of balls is a wish from every Indian Cricket fan. Let us see, whether he break the jinx of the saying that Sachin cannot come up matching winning performance. Ganguly, has just to continue his aggressive form, with a little more effort and concentration on singles and running between the wickets. Ganguly will also have a role to play as a time bowler in the middle overs.part

Gautam Gambhir has a big opportunity if he gets play at no. 3. It will help him to cement his place in the team.

The player to watch tomorrow will be Yuvaraj Singh. Knowing his aggression and mindset, tomorrow he will be waiting for his opportunity to settle scores with Dimitri Masceranhas. When Robin Uthappa hit the winning run, Yuvraj came running to the ground in relief and joy, of what he had to undergo in the last over the England innings where Masceranhas scored 30 runs from his over. So, I am eagerly waiting to see the biggest six of this series from Yuvraj as revenge from him. He is one player who plays shots with power and elegance, and tomorrow is an opportunity for him to prove that he is a player of class who can shoulder responsibilities for India.

Rahul Dravid is in good form, but has not come with a classic innings so far. He has shown that he can score quickly. Field placing and bowling changes at the right time and bowlers performance and luck factor supporting him, we may see him smiling tomorrow.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is another player who will have a great role in this match. His keeping has improved and we all are waiting for his hitting.
Ajith Agarkar may get his final opportunity of playing for Team India in England. If he gets it, it has to be the match of his life with his swinging bowls. We have not seen his sharpness in bowling during this series except once or twice and tomorrow is a big day for him if he is selected to play.

Zahir Khan has been bowling throughout the series and before. The responsibilities have started taking a toll on him and we hope he stays in good shape tomorrow and get quick wickets in the initial overs itself.

Ramesh Powar is one player whom I like to watch any number of matches. He is bold and courageous and really deceives the opposition batsmen.

Piyush Chowla is another favourite to play a big role in tomorrows match. He has done well against the top class English players like Kevin Peterson and Alastair Cook. He will definitely have more to them tomorrow.

Last but not the least, Robin Uthappa will be the player the entire English Team will be looking forward to play with. By now, through modern technology, they might have already seen, analysed and devised plans on his batting and fielding style. He has set the finals for India and if continues his courage, confidence and cool head tomorrow, we will be able to see a great game. Uthappa playing with either Dhoni or Yuvraj, we will have more than fireworks on the field.

Sreesanth is one player whom I look forward to in case they decide against Agarkar. He has the pace, seam and swing and we home, he will get a chance and will play a great game leaving aside his Sreesanth Syndrome. The way he has been playing recently, I feel he has realised his mistakes and now has great focus on the ground and what is happening or going through the mind of opposition players.

If India wins the toss, I hope Rahul Dravid will opt to field first and allow England to bowl as they have not shown good temperament to set a target. With good bowling from our bowlers, we should restrict England within 275 runs. In case India bat first, more than the openers, the middle order batmsen has to play their innings well and score runs.

As of now, it is advantage India due to their current bowling and batting form. We all pray that Indian team gets 12 safe pair of hands today in the field (11 players and Umpire – whose decisions are crucial. It is going to be a close game.

Ramesh Menon

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